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Root Canal Treatments and Endodontics in Bath

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Bath Root Canal Treatment: Nerve Care

Endodontics or Root Canal Treatments is that field of dentistry concerned with treatment of the nerves of teeth when they become diseased or damaged.

The nerves inside the tooth (referred to as the pulp) are a collection of special cells that help form the root of a tooth. They become entombed inside the tooth when the root stops growing in childhood.

In essence, it would be preferable if we didn’t have any nerves in teeth which would avoid us experiencing toothache. If you do suffer toothache from a damaged nerve, The Talbot Clinic will be able to help with specialist root canal treatment in Bath.

Tooth Loss in Bath: No Natural Replacement

A shark grows 65,000 teeth in a lifetime, so it becomes irrelevant if a nerve becomes damaged because the tooth is lost and replaced with additional teeth from the back of the mouth. We have only two sets of teeth. Deciduous “milk” teeth and the permanent teeth, that all erupt by the age of 18-20 years. Thereafter if a nerve becomes damaged, it has little scope for healing itself, so you will need to see a specialist dentist in Bath.

Specialist Root Canal Treatment in Bath

Traditionally, teeth with damaged nerves were extracted and lost.


Nowadays, there are Specialist Endodontists – dentists who have trained as experts in the provision of root canal treatments with considerably greater long-term success when compared with general dentists. In fact, research has shown that the long-term success of root canal treatments by general dentists is 40-50%, whereas the Specialist Endodontist has a success rate of 85-97% depending upon a number of factors.


If you are suffering with a damaged tooth nerve in Bath, consider asking your dentist for a referral to a Bath Endodontist. Toby Talbot at The Talbot Clinic is a qualified, experienced Endodontist in Bath.