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Replacing Lost Teeth: Prosthodontics in Bath

Prosthodontics is that area of dentistry solely involving the replacement of lost teeth.

Half the teeth lost are extracted due to tooth decay/dental cavities, and half the others are removed due to periodontal/gum disease.

A few teeth lost may not cause any functional/chewing problems nor do they cause any cosmetic issues for the patient. In this case their replacement is wholly elective, because the patient chooses to replace them, using our specialist prosthodontics service in Bath.

Replacing Lost Teeth: Prosthodontics Treatment in Bath

However, if tooth loss causes chewing problems or social embarrassment when involving front teeth then replacement may become indicated. Various forms of tooth replacement can be carried out at The Talbot Clinic in Bath.

Bridges may be used whereby adjacent teeth support a replacement tooth and are cemented in the mouth.

When a considerable number of teeth are lost, partial dentures may be considered.

When all of the teeth are lost, complete dentures may be considered an option.

Teeth may also be replaced by placing implants to support replacement crowns, bridges or dentures.

Expert Prosthodontic Care in Bath

A Prosthodontist is a specialist who will look at all the available options and discuss each of the pros and cons of each of those options for you to make an informed decision, if you have lost teeth.

The Prosthodontist can also prepare the way when tooth loss becomes inevitable in the future.

Toby Talbot is a Specialist Prosthodontist in Bath and will be delighted to see you at his Bath dental practice if you have missing teeth.