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Oral Surgery in Bath

Providing all aspects of dental, oral and facial surgical treatments.

Referral for Oral Surgery in Bath: Common Issues

If you should have impacted wisdom teeth or retained roots that are causing you problems., or you have a lump or ulcer that cannot be readily explained, your general dentist in Bath may wish to refer you to a Consultant Oral Surgeon.

A leading oral surgeon in Bath is Mr Serryth Colbert, Clinical Director of the Department of Facial Surgery at the Bath Royal United Hospital and a consultant at The Talbot Clinic in Bath.

Book Oral Surgery in Bath With No Waiting List

Waiting lists at Hospitals for oral surgery can be notoriously long, with lengthy waiting times.

You don’t have to wait to get relief from your dental problems in Bath. We at The Talbot Clinic, do not believe in waiting lists and will assign a Consultation Appointment as soon as you call us.

Just call 01225 426 222 to arrange an appointment with our consultant oral surgeon in Bath, Mr Serryth Colbert.