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For Nervous Kids and Grown-Ups

Overcoming Dental Phobia in Bath

If you or your children have developed a dental phobia, you may find yourself avoiding a visit to the dentist even if you clearly have problems with your teeth.

The Talbot Clinic provides a comfortable, calm and unintimidating environment for dentistry in Bath for nervous adults and children.

Comfortable Dental Experience in Bath

You may not like needles. You may not like the sounds of the drill or you may simply dislike the smell of a dental surgery.

You may dislike ‘white coats’ or facemasks. You may simply dislike the feelings of losing control.

A warm welcome, like visiting friends, and being given plenty of time to be listened to, may be all that is required to soothe your fears about visiting our dentists in Bath.

Gentle Sedation for Anxious Dental Patients in Bath

For extremely anxious dental patients in Bath methods of sedation may be explored involving tablets, inhalation gases or intravenous medication can allow for the entire process to become much easier for you.

If you or your children are nervous about visiting a dentist in Bath, just give The Talbot Clinic a call on 01225 426 222. Our friendly, experienced staff at our Bath dental surgery will be able to put your fears to rest, do our best to help you overcome your trepidation and gently deliver the dental treatment that you need without pain or panic.