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Carried out by Our Consultant Maxillo-Facial & Aesthetic Facial Cosmetic Surgeon


The Talbot Clinic is pleased to have the services of leading Bath consultant facial cosmetic surgeon, Mr Serryth Colbert, who is available to offer various procedures to improve, enhance and re-shape facial features.

Mr Colbert provides the following facial cosmetic surgery at our Bath clinic:


A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure which aims to lift and pull back the skin of the face and neck. It is carried out to reduce flabby or sagging skin around the lower half of the face, usually because the patient wants a more youthful look.

The surgery involves making discreet access incisions above the hairline and at the temples, as well as under the chin if the jawline is also being lifted. Surplus skin is removed before the remainder is pulled backwards and upwards and stitched into its new position.

Facelift patients from Bristol and Bath who undergo surgery at the Talbot Clinic typically take between two to four weeks to fully recover from the procedure.


As we age skin loses elasticity and muscles slacken. In the eyelid this results in an accumulation of loose skin that causes folds on the upper lids and creases in the lower lids. Slackening of muscles can cause the appearance of bagginess around the eye sockets.

A surgical procedure called Blepharoplasty – an eyelid reduction – can be carried out here at our clinic for patients from the Bath and Bristol area to correct this problem. The surgeon makes cuts that follow the natural lines of the eyelids through which excess fat, skin and sagging muscle is removed before the cuts are stitched up.

This very successful procedure typically has a major impact, refreshing and remarkably rejuvenating the appearance.


Colloquially known as a “nose job”, rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK. We carry out nose reshaping surgery for people from the local Bath and Bristol area for aesthetic reasons – because they are unhappy with the size or shape of their nose – or for health reasons, such as correcting breathing difficulties and sleep apnoea.

Each rhinoplasty procedure is tailored to the requirements of the individual patient. We can change the length or width of your nose; reshape the tip, bridge and nostrils; straighten your nose; and alter the angle between your nose and upper lip.

Various surgical techniques can be used to achieve the desired result, but the outcome should be a natural-looking reshaped nose that is in harmony with your face.


Otoplasty is the cosmetic surgical procedure you’d choose to have at our clinic if you live in or near Bath or Bristol and are bothered by the position or shape of your ears. Ears that stick out prominently, or are misshapen because of an injury or birth defect.

Most of the ear correction surgery we do in Bath involves pinning back prominent ears. We don’t change the size of the ears significantly and the surgery does not alter the location of the ears or impact on your ability to hear.

Incisions are made on the back of the ears or within the inner creases, and excess cartilage and skin can be removed with the remaining cartilage folded into the proper position and secured with internal stitches.


Ageing brings changes to the face, reflected by the lowering of the position of the eyebrow, which can contribute to heavy upper eyelids and contact with the eyelashes. Mr Colbert can carry out a brow lift procedure (also commonly known as an endoscopic brow lift or “endo brow”) for people in and around Bristol and Bath, designed to reposition the eyebrow, often in conjunction with an Upper Blepharoplasty (removing excess skin from the eyelids).

This is a popular procedure for those who want to restore and enhance the eye area and youthful shape of the brow line. It is also performed on occasion to improve the visual field in patients where a drooping brow can affect vision.

There are several techniques for brow lift surgery, and the surgeon will determine which is most appropriate in each case. The most common method is the endoscopic brow lift which involves a few small incisions on the scalp, behind the hairline, through which keyhole surgery is performed.


When we talk of “normal” facial appearance it is implied that there is a “normal” balance in the facial features – particularly the nose, chin and cheek bones. If one of these features is out of proportion compared with the others, a face can look unusual, especially to someone who is aesthetically sensitive. Facial Cosmetic Surgery can put things back in balance.

When it comes to chin and cheekbone re-shaping you’re in the best of hands at the Talbot Clinic in Bath with Mr Colbert, an experienced Maxillo-Facial surgeon who has improved the appearance of many people across the Bristol and Bath area.

He can repair fractured cheekbones, insert cheek implants, and reduce or recontour the shape of the chin.


Mr Colbert offers a range of minor cosmetic procedures at our clinic in Bath, including the removal of what can be termed “lumps and bumps” on the face, which detract from the appearance and many find troubling.

These procedures include the excision and reconstruction of suspected skin cancers (Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas), excision of benign moles, split ear lobe reconstruction and scar revision. If you have a troublesome facial blemish we can probably help.

This kind of surgery, which is relatively quick and usually minimally invasive, can improve self-esteem and psychological health, and often there is a medical benefit too.