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Professional Service

If you have undergone dental treatment that has not turned as you expected, you may be able to gain compensation for the costs of putting things right.

Your first port of call is to arrange a meeting with the dentist concerned to see what remedial treatment can be provided to sort out the problem(s).

If you feel that the issues are not being addressed to your satisfaction, you will need to consult a Solicitor who is familiar with handling medico-legal claims. Most large law firms have dedicated departments for medico-legal cases.

Dental Negligence and Legal Support

Over the last 25 years, Toby has established a professional fast-track service for the legal community, helping the courts, counsel and

judges make accurate and well-informed decisions.

Every clinician owes a duty of care to his or her patients. Although uncommon, a failure in that duty is negligence. If that negligence has

resulted in damage the patient deserves it to be put right and appropriate compensation provided.

Professional consultation

You can expect a consultation appointment for a client within days of written instructions being received from Legal Counsel. Once the previous medical/dental records are provided, a completed report is provided within 2 weeks. Causation, liability, prognosis and quantum are included, often making the courtroom scene unnecessary.

Whether you are acting on behalf of the Claimant (Patient) or Defendant (Dentist), call Toby Talbot on 01225 426 222.